Product Series Description

ELBI DWT Series of Hydro-pneumatic water well tanks represent the latest development in well tank technology and comes with a true deep-drawn design with one single body weld which gives it reliability, lightness and efficiency.

There are no inner domes to limit the diaphragms expansion, therefore, the maximum drawdown can be obtained in all conditions. our tanks feature a food gade Polypropylene liner . The Food Grade Polypropylene liner is tested against ASTM standards for perfect adhesion. All Units are NSF61 and IAPMO certified.


What’s New in the DWT Series Tanks

  • Epoxy paint finish No UV Ray deterioration (chalking) – Tough Finish
  • NSF61 & IAPMO Certified
  • Improved diaphragm retaining ring
  • Heavy Gauge Metal
  • Galvanized water fittings & Elbows

Features & Benefits

Diaphragm type design Simple and reliable design.
Wide range of sizes available From 2 to 132 gallons; we offer 10 different sizes to perfectly suit your application.
Heavy duty Butyl diaphragm In house diaphragm manufacturing, using injection molding equipment, to ensure total control of this vital component. Proprietary food quality Butyl compound will not release taste or odor to water which makes it safe for alimentary applications. Solid construction, all diaphragms are QC inspected prior to assembly.
Exclusive epoxy painted corrosion proofing exterior Provides a high level of resistance against the corrosive action of water. *Completely phenol-free coating which satisfies government requirements for products designed to contain liquids for human consumption. Resistant to temperatures of up to 200°F.
Protection of water inlet Plastic insert keeps the diaphragm safe, prevents well water debris from entering the tank.
Protected air valve Recessed position prevents demage of the precharge air valve during shipping and handling. The plastic cap prevents accidental tampering.
Wide open steel base Allows for an easy installation, does not limit tank position as in the case of closed based. Perfect for "T" installation in multiple tank set-up. The open style base provides better aeration, thus reducing condensation and premature rusting.*
Compact, light weight design Space efficient design, replaces standard galvanized tanks up to three times as large; easy to handle and install.

* When installed in normal environmental conditions. By normal environmental conditions its is meant environments which are free of acids, scale or chemical deposits or other factors known to affect paints, coatings and metals.


Packaging & Shipping Data

Tank Volume Per Pallet
DWT-8-RO8 8.75×8.75×12.5 2 162
DWT-18-RO8 11.38×11.38×16.5 5 70
DWT-25-RO8 11.38×11.38×21.18 6.5 70
DWT-25H-RO8 11.38×11.38×12.58 6.5 70
DWT-50V-RO8 15.38×15.38×24.75 13 33
DWT-50H-RO8 15.38×15.38×17.38 13 24
DWT-80V-RO8 15.38×15.38×32.75 21 22
DWT-100V-RO8 20x20x32.58 27 10
DWT-150V-RO8 20x20x32.58 40 8
DWT-200V-RO8 23.38×23.38×38.58 53 8
DWT-300V-RO8 23.38×23.38×59 86 6
DWT-400V-R08 23.38X23.68X63.38 96 6
DWT-450V-RO8 26x26x61.25 120 3
DWT-500V-RO8 31.3×31.3×56.8 132 3

Available Drawdowns

Model 20-40 30-50 40-60
DWT-8-RO8 0.80 0.70 0.60
DWT-18-R08 1.70 1.50 1.30
DWT-25-RO8 2.40 2.00 1.80
DWT-25H-RO8 2.40 2.00 1.80
DWT-50V-RO8 4.80 4.10 3.50
DWT-50H-RO8 4.80 4.10 3.50
DWT-80V-RO8 7.80 6.60 5.70
DWT-100V-RO8 9.70 8.20 7.10
DWT-150V-RO8 14.50 12.30 10.60
DWT-200V-RO8 19.40 16.40 14.20
DWT-300V-RO8 29.10 24.60 21.30
DWT-450V-RO8 43.60 36.90 31.90
DWT-500V-RO8 48.50 41.00 35.50
Selection Tables

Selection Tables

Maximum Pump Flow (gpm) System Pressure Ranges
20-40 30-50 40-60
Minimum Run Time in Minutes
1 1.5 2 1 1.5 2 1 1.5 2
2.5 DWT-25** DWT-50* DWT-50V* DWT-50V* DWT-50V* DWT-80V DWT-50V* DWT-50V* DWT-80V
5 DWT-50V* DWT-80V DWT-100V DWT-80V DWT-100V DWT-150V DWT-80V DWT-100V DWT-150V
7 DWT-80V DWT-150V DWT-150V DWT-80V DWT-150V DWT-200V DWT-100V DWT-150V DWT-200V
10 DWT-100V DWT-150V DWT-200V DWT-150V DWT-200V DWT-300V DWT-150V DWT-200V DWT-300V
12 DWT-150V DWT-200V DWT-300V DWT-150V DWT-200V DWT-300V DWT-200V DWT-300V DWT-450V
15 DWT-200V DWT-300V DWT-300V DWT-200V DWT-300V DWT-450V DWT-200V DWT-300V DWT-450V
20 DWT-300V DWT-300V DWT-450V DWT-300V DWT-450V DWT-500V DWT-300V DWT-450V 2xDWT-300V
25 DWT-300V DWT-450V DWT-500V DWT-300V DWT-450V 2xDWT-300V DWT-450V DWT-500V 2xDWT-450V
30 DWT-300V DWT-500V 2xDWT-300V DWT-450V 2xDWT-300V 2xDWT-450V DWT-450V 2xDWT-300V 2xDWT-450V

*DWT-50V and DWT-50H have the same drawdown
**DWT-25 and DWT-25H have the same drawdown


Performance Data

2010 DWT Brochure

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