ASME Air Receiver Tanks

IAR, VAR, HAR Series

  • Designed and constructed in accordance with ASME Section VIII Div-I Code for compressed air storage use.
  • “U” stamped and registered with the National Board of Pressure Vessel Inspectors.
  • Most designs include Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN).
  • Capable of building to American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and United States Coast Guard (USCG) codes.
  • Custom engineered designs available upon request.
  • Exterior surface painted with one coat standard shop primer.
  • Special exterior and interior coatings available upon request.
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Custom ASME/Non-Code Tanks

Elbi of America, Inc. is your comprehensive source for custom fabricated ASME code pressure vessels in a variety of steel and alloy materials. We design and manufacture custom steel tanks for a wide range of application needs. Whether the application involves high or low temperature or pressure ratings, or requires special paint or linings, our custom steel tanks can be ordered and fabricated to your precise specifications. Our capabilities includes the design of custom pressure vessels to meet a wide range of requirements, including air separators and bladder tanks. Please contact us with your tank requirements.

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ASME Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

CWT Series



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Epoxy Lined Water Storage Tanks

ES, EST Series

Vertical Epoxy Lined Water Storage Tanks for Potable Water Storage. Built to ASME Code Section VIII, U-Stamped National Board Certification.

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Non-Code & ASME Insulated & Jacketed Glasslined Storage Tanks

NTN - Non-Code Series, NTA - ASME Series

COMMERCIAL STORAGE TANKS Meet ASHRAE 90.1b (current edition) 80, 120 and 200 GALLON MODELS

Features: 2″ Non-CFC foam insulation. Glass lined steel tank—Elbi’s Ultonium™ lining is applied to the interior surface of the steel providing a tough wear resistant lining which minimizes the effects of high temperature hot water. Factory installed dielectric fittings—no dielectric fittings or unions needed. Side T&P valve opening. Two magnesium anode rods—for more even distribution of corrosion protection and longer service life. Hand hole cleanout—for removal of accumulated lime and sediment deposits. Brass drain valve. Five year limited warranty on steel tank—heavy gauge steel automatically formed, rolled and welded to assure a continuous seam for glass lining. Each tank is triple tested to insure quality. One year limited warranty on parts.

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ASME Horizontal Flash Tanks

VFT, HFT Series

Designed for flashing of high pressure condensate into steam and low pressure heating supply mains. Flash tanks also reduce steam pressure prior to returning to either condensate tanks, boilers or discharge into the sewer mains.


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Carbon Steel Chemical Bypass Feeders

DB, FB Series

Elbi Chemical Feeder O&M.doc 2016

By-Pass Feeders are a convenient method of introducing treatment chemicals into closed circulating water systems.

By-Pass Feeders are ideal for use in hot water treatment in heating systems or chill water air conditioning systems.

Industrial gray enamel finish paint.

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